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Revit Families and Engineering Submittal Packages Available For All Fire Protection Products

Since 1936, the two pillars of the business we do at General Air Products have been quality products and customer service that goes above and beyond. The two come together with our Engineering Submittal Packages which we are happy to announce are now available for download.

Below, find links to our product pages, where engineers and designers are able to download all the files needed to spec the products you know and trust, including General Air Products’ full line of Air Compressors, Dry Air Generators, Nitrogen Generators, and Residential 13D Pump & Tank Systems into BIM Project Designs and Submittals.

Oil-Less Tank Mounted Air Compressor

Air Compressors
• Oil-Less Riser Mount
• Oil-Less Tank Mount
• Lubricated Tank Mount
• Lubricated Base Mount

Nitrogen Generators
• Wall Mount
• Floor Mount

Dry Air Generators
• Dry Air Pac®

13D Pump & Tanks
• H2hOme®
• Econo Pump

Provided for engineers and designers in the fire sprinkler industry, General Air’s Engineering Submittal Packages include everything necessary to easily incorporate our product models into your sprinkler system design layout in one easy-to-find location.

In one click, users will be able to download the following files for each model in our fire protection product lineup:

• REVIT Families (RFA)
• Written Specifications & AIA Licensed MasterSpec® (DOC)
• Detailed CAD Drawings (DWG)
• Cut Sheets & General Arrangement Drawings (PDF)

Simply visit one of the product pages on our website, head to the model drop-down menu, and click on the zip file listed in the “Engineering Submittal Package” column.

General Air Products continues to strive to be as supportive to engineers and designers within the industry as possible. As you build your fire sprinkler design projects, remember that General Air Products’ Engineering Submittal Packages are available to you and your team. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Call 800-345-8207 to speak with an engineer or customer service representative.